#2 - Captain Stubing and Gopher aren't doing much.

The Focus Group - they’ve been begging for our unsolicited advice this week.

* Advice for politicians who sing.
* Advice for politicians when it looks like someone next to you is collapsing
* Advice for politicans considering “thinking outside the box” - a moonbase is never the answer. Nor is a floating city.
Carbon Tax causing hard times for legal practitioners. Please help Gavin Stuart
Jane Gilmore - The King’s Tribune
The Ghost of Pure Poison Forum

Also, Jeremy tells on Dave to the IPA.

Captain Stubing and Gopher aren't doing much


#1 - Crocodile tears and Carbon fears

The inaugural episode of Australia’s most loved podcast has arrived. Dave and Jeremy discuss the impending Carbon price, asylum seekers, marriage equality, and some of our favourite News Ltd journos.

Pure Poison is closing down.
Tony Abbott - “Whyalla will be wiped off the map”
Alan Jones and Tom Tate - Boycotting the Carbon Tax via @shockjockcoach
The Butcher Shop Beatup - Some website.
Arguing against equality. What is marriage?
Jeremy’s night with the Association of Cynical Liars (ACL)
Mr Denmore - The Failed Estate.
Steve Lewis, News Ltd Journalist, preparing a story “We’ll get him”
Andrew Bolt’s Barbarian fetish - Attacking Catherine Deveny, he’s been at it since 2010. To complaints about Free Speech in under 12 hours.

Download Crocodile tears and Carbon Fears


Thank you

What can I say? You’re all wonderful and we’re both humbled by the positive reactions to the announcement of Something Wonky.


We are here

You’ve found Something Wonky, the new podcast from Dave Gaukroger and Jeremy Sear. The first full episode will be released on June 29th.

Something Wonky is here

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