#6 - Thank God I'm a country boy

This week we look at the danger of ignoring Something Wonky - Newman support slips in Ashgrove.

The Focus Group takes a look at protecting free speech, and when it’s okay to talk about difficult subjects.

Tom Cummings tells us what’s stuck in his craw. - cyenne - gambling reform & problem gambling awareness

We take a look at the media’s response to Australia’s performance at the Olympic Games.

The full text of this week’s Inbox of Doom

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Where's the #6? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering #6!

Uh, yes. Sorry about that. Dave’s had the sixteen hour workdays, and Jeremy’s had the moving house to six hours away. It’s been a little too crazy for podcast-recording.

But fear not! There will be a new podcast this week, to be released Friday, August 10th.

In the meantime, if you have any EMAILS OF DOOM, you know where to send them.


#5 - Everything's coming up Milhouse

The focus group asks; is it a good idea for politicians to keep assuming that people are stupid? Oh Cory - Tales of loveable wing-nuttery from South Australia’s favourite Senator. This week Sunili Govinnage tells us what’s stuck in her craw.

Inbox of doom - Michael has sent us some more myths about asylum seekers.

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#4 - Defenders of freedom and enterprise

The Focus group takes a look at what not to do when you’re handed unchecked power. Our case study is the Queensland LNP State Government:

And, we consider the importance of getting your name right when entering the political fray:

The invisible hand, our look at the free market, considers the use of the private sector to deliver public services. That’s not working out so well for the UK government at the Olympics.

What’s stuck in my craw. This week we hear from Andrew Tiedt - A State of Mind
Ross Gittins - How our political prejudices affect confidence
Julia Gillard’s Carbon Price promise.

The inbox of doom - Will there be enough Muslims in the USA to elect the President of their choice in 20 years? Spoiler: No.

And you call yourself a Wonk! - Jeremy admits that he’s abandoned Q & A and Insiders.

Thanks to @coldsnacks and @mabster for their voiceover work this week.

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#3 - Why can't we be friends?

Australia’s most influential podcast spends some time wondering about friendship, admiration and falling out in politics and the media.

Tony Abbott, action man, paid attention to our advice to Sophie.
We ask, is Tony accident prone? His car crash this week comes after Tony’s 2010 near miss with a truck.

The Focus Group: Why can’t we be friends?

Stuck in my craw: Andrew Elder looks at Tony Abbott’s view of the ADF.
Andrew Elder - Politically Homeless
Tony Abbott on Insiders. Also, Tony asks if Asylum Seekers may be “unChristian”.

I Just don’t get it: Dave wonders why lefties are so infatuated with Malcolm Turnbull. He’s been wondering about it for some time now.

We didn’t mention him at all last week, but how can we ignore this effort by Andrew? It’s just too hilarious.

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