#11 - A shotgun to the face of the zombie Greens

Stop the Press takes a look at the latest death of the Greens after NSW local government elections and delves once more into trolldom.

The Focus Group questions how we value education, and just what constitutes a “detention centre”

Jacob Holman tells is what’s stuck in his craw.

We delve back into the Inbox of Doom.

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#10 - Trolling in the deep

The focus group discusses representative democracy (No, really)

Stop the press takes a look at the new found obsession with “trolling”

Nancy Cato tells us what she’s got stuck in her craw.

Something Wonky is supported by The King’s Tribune

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#9 - Loose with the truth

This week the Focus Group takes a long hard look at what happens when you run out of luck.

Putting on our tin-foil hat - Why did ABC’s Insiders change their segment title?

Something Wonky considers adopting a new theme song.
The dubstep remix

Go back to where you came from - SBS

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#8 - Skeletons in the closet

Something Wonky goes international and looks at stories of Australians hidden in foreign embassies. The Focus Group discusses skeletons in the closet.

Jeremy gets on his high horse about education. Abbott says Gonski reforms unaffordable

Sabine Wolff tells us what’s stuck in her craw.

The Inbox of Doom takes on racism and privilege.


#7 - How many pensioners must fry?