#16 - Playing the Heteronormative Card

AND ANOTHER THING: Our new segment where we finish off talking about last week’s Stuck In My Craw.

A mammoth STOP THE PRESS looks at the how the Canberra Press Gallery and the rest of the world saw very different things in the House of Representatives last Tuesday.And how the left and the right can go to opposite extremes about the same event.

There’s some head scratching over “heterosexist high”

And finally we take a look at what happens when Gerard Henderson has to deal with facts.

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#15 - Recorded Under The Chatham House Rule

This week on Something Wonky, The Focus Group reflects on getting someone else to fight your battles.

Stop the Press looks at what happens when the audience really talks back.

Keri James Sear tells us what's Stuck in her Craw.


Preston Towers' reflections on his Stuck in my Craw

Finally, Jeremy uploads the Something Wonky podcast and finds the Squarespace formatting system completely impenetrable. He writes a little note about it in the third person. Regular listeners don't notice because they don't read the actual posts, but new listeners are confused.

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#14 - Suffer in your (Shock) Jocks

This week we take a timely look at some of Australia’s shock jocks.

Ray Hadley

Chris Smith

Alan Jones

And other than 2GB?

  • Mike Carlton
  • Neil Mitchell
  • Derryn Hinch
  • John Laws

Stop the Press looks at the media coverage of the disappearance and death of Jill Meagher.

Andrew Bolt plays “Hey, I called hypocrite first”

And Preston Towers tells us what’s stuck in his craw.

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#13 - When was the last time you survived a zombie apocalypse?

The focus group ponders whether politicians should publicly ask questions unless they know the answers?

We also ask why should poor people vote anyway?

Stop the Press looks at guilt by association

And considers the Herald Sun’s question of whether Muslims are actually Australians anyway?

The inbox of doom rounds things off with tips on how to survive the next apocalypse

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#12 - Anti Catholic sectarianism

This week we kick things off with “Hey, I called hypocrite first!”

The focus group asks what’s worse, the sin or the cover up?

Stop the Press wonders what a journalist’s objectivity is worth Jeremy talks calmly and reasonably about the defeat of Marriage Equality legislation. We reflect on the nature of protest following last weekend’s riots in Sydney.

And the Inbox of Doom gets a bit confused about which country it’s proud of

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