One week off

Sorry SomethingWonkiers... Due to family health and community commitments, could not record our Schadenfreude Special this week. Should return next Friday.


#19 - Never forget we're watching.

Something Wonky gets a bit fact checky.

The Focus Group looks at how to react to a disaster

Stop the press takes a look at what happens when a news organisation can’t let go of its obsessions

Cam Smith tells us what’s stuck in his craw.

And we go once more to the Inbox of Doom

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#18 - Diesel Fairies

Something Wonky takes a look at the US election.

The Focus Group combats the culture of entitlement

Stop the Press ponders life in the Herald Sun building

And another thing! revisits Alan Jones

And Ben Pobjie tells us what’s stuck in his craw.

UPDATE: Who checks the fact checkers, asks Quality Jernalisms, as I get all of his details completely wrong. I don’t know - coastguard?

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#17 - A Claytons podcast

A brief (well, for us) fill-in episode while Jacob is away.

THE FOCUS GROUP: The ACT election highlights some confusion amongst commentators and politicians about how a parliament works.

And another Dave wonders how parties should deal with voters’ expectations in hung parliaments - should they tell them first who they’ll side with?

STOP THE PRESS: Tony Abbott continues his campaign for a permanent seat on the mocked-by-the-world’s-press-for-misogyny council.

And why fact-check your “hey the poor are just too dumb to buy food on the pittance we give them” defence of a payment no-one could reasonably live on? Penbo tells the poor how to buy food cheaply - simply demand to get it for the prices Penbo quotes and supermarkets will hand it over!

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Sneak preview of next week's accidentally published; then unpublished

Yes, sorry about that… your comments will be revived with the post when it is published with the real episode 17, next Friday. In the meantime… #16 is live, below.