#196 Censusless

Feat Guest Dave: original Dave!

This week:

  • CensusFail
  • Nauru Really You Can’t Doubt This Now
  • Leak and the Oz vs indigenous people

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#195 New Cats On The Block

Guest Dave Rebecca Shaw (@Brocklesnitch) joins Jeremy to discuss

  • Libs vs Rudd
  • Greens vs Greens
  • War on LGBTI People The Continuing
  • Soft Sentences For Misogynists
  • CensusFail
  • Why Not Do A Podcast Just About Politics And Cats
  • What You Find When You Sneak Into Nauru
  • NT Royal Commission Developments
  • The Oz Goes In To Bat For Greyhound Torturers

Also there may be a discussion of bad films, and angry Downing St cats.

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#194 Dave Never Lets Me Talk About This Stuff

With guest Dave Erin Riley.

We discuss

  • Jobs for ex-PMs
  • Terrible ways of fixing the budget
  • Seriously That Plebiscite Is Totally Bonkers
  • brutal incarceration of indigenous young people
  • bankers vs the homeless
  • The Oz versus anyone who asks a question on Q&A
  • A curious discussion about religion which seems like it’s the end of the podcast but actually isn’t
  • The Census

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#193 - Allegedly

Malcolm has hit the ground running.

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#192 - And Now We Cross to Our Pokemon Correspondents