#116 - Is Bill Shorten up to the GOB?

This week on Something Wonky, we all get a bit terrified, let Malcolm Turnbull read our browser history, and destroy the environment along with the renewable energy sector. Australia versus Humanity continues waging war on the vulnerable and we have a yarntastic edition of Stop The Press.

The Focus Group

Red tape ruins Joe Hockey’s pizza

Red tape pizzeria - why Joe Hockey is right

Terror Laws

Meanwhile, Tasmania to focus anti-protest laws on anti-forestry and mining activists

Very Meta Data

Higher Education

Goodbye Environment

Australia versus Humanity

Muslim woman suffers broken arm in racist attack

Labor may adopt policy of turning back asylum seeker boats to Indonesia

Scott Morrison ignored departmental advice on visas for boat arrivals

Scott Morrison denies ministerial power grab

Open letter: Living in the hell called Nauru

Young people Australia sent to Nauru being assaulted

Australia forcibly returns second Afghan Hazara, despite fears over safety

Stop The Press

Nova Peris: Child custody blackmail attempt behind email allegations in News Corp publications


New Matilda

The Australian

Sharri Markson

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#115 - Doff to Gough

This week on Something Wonky, Gough. And then all of the stuff that’s not as good as Gough, which is pretty much all of Australian politics. And one of our favourite segments returns as Erin Riley takes a turn at What’s Stuck in my Craw.

It's time.


The Focus Group

Governed by Idiots

Making Friends Overseas

Satire is Dead

Australia versus Humanity

What’s Stuck in my Craw

Erin Riley has opinions, and should be able to express them.

Barry Spurr

That Was Then, This Is Now

2012 - Opposition releases Nauru detention costings - $95M. Nauru Costings From Catering Company

2014 - Offshore detention centres: annual costs hit $1 billion

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#114 - Use Your Words

This week on Something Wonky, The Focus Group says “Show me the money”, unless you live in poverty. Goes the biff with visiting dignitaries and ruins lots of things. Stop The Press goes undercover with Sharri Markson and finds leftists everywhere, while 2GB gets a popularity bounce with racists.

The Focus Group

First up, feedback from The Shire.

Tony Diplomacy

Show Me the Money

No Money for you

Separating Church and State

This week in “What’s wrong with the government”

Australia versus Humanity

Baby Ferouz, born to asylum seekers in Brisbane, denied protection visa | Australia news | The Guardian

Abuse on Nauru, Scott Morrison’s wretched island

Thanks Scott - Anti-whistleblowing law being used to pursue Save the Children staff used only twice in five years

Australia presses for Human Rights Council seat despite UN criticism

Stop The Press

2GB holds racist singlet giveaway

Sharri Markson goes undercover for The Oz


Labor promises specialist domestic violence courts if elected

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#113 - Citation Needed

This week on Something Wonky, Stop The Press looks at The Courier Mail’s salacious treatment of murder victim Mayang Prasetyo. Australia versus humanity is still terrible. The Focus Group asks, “Who are we keeping safe?”, finds our government is still incompetent, and does the war bit.

Stop The Press

The Courier Mail’s salacious treatment of murder victim Mayang Prasetyo.

Tony Abbott apologises to Alan Jones, who was previously found to have “incited hatred, serious contempt and severe ridicule of Lebanese Muslims”, for not acting on ‘hate preachers’

3AW freaks out over Queen wearing Muslim headscarf on defaced $5 note, and then gets involved in a local strata management dispute.

Australia Versus Humanity

The Focus Group

Keeping Who Safe?

LNP Government, still not competent.

The War Bit

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#112 - The Burqa Ban's Dark Side 

This week on Something Wonky, a government full of race-baiters goes race baiting, freedom’s just another word for “George Brandis is reading your emails” and we take a look at Tony and Julie’s excellent UNadventure UN adventure. Plus, Australia versus Humanity, Stop The Press and Tony Abbott’s scorecard.

The Focus Group

Government full of race-baiters goes race baiting.

Freedom’s just another word for “George Brandis is reading your emails”

Tony, Julie and Peta hit the UN.

Just in case you thought this would all be over soon.

Tony Abbott’s Scorecard

Just what has our PM done that hasn’t made things worse for us?

Australia versus Humanity

Stop The Press

LOLBolt - Left fan the flames of hate

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