#176 - What a Country!

This week, on SomethingWonky, We start with Australia vs Humanity, as the High Court depresses everyone who thought that perhaps there should be some limits to the power of the executive to persecute people indefinitely without charge. And that’s just the start! Also the UN Human Rights Committee has appropriately scathing things to say about our treatment of indigenous people and refugees, whilst an indigenous woman speaking her native language is suprised to be told off for it. In the focus group ignorance is bliss, and some old stories just won’t go away. In Stop The Press we see the happy job swaps between politics and the media continue, this time the other way around, and Who Said That returns with an old favourite.

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#175 Wrong Wrongity Wrong Wrong

This week, on SomethingWonky: Listeners might begin to suspect that their favourite people (Tones, Jamie, Clive and Malcolm) might be taking the piss. More awful ideas from the Libs, as a nasty $160m plebiscite is torpedoed by their own side, ScoMo fights the scourge of “not good” surpluses, whilst asking students to give up their super for their education and poor people to buy only from more expensive stores he approves. A heartbreaking story as Greg Hunt (fresh from reducing environmental protections on those coalmines voters say they don’t want and Oxford University research says make lousy investments) says nice things about the Yale Environmental Index which says awful things about his record in return. Australia sinks to new depths in Australia vs Humanity and we count the minutes till it adopts some of the new nastinesses implemented this week in Wales and Denmark. In Stop the Press we finally get on to the ABC vs Nick Ross and some courageous efforts to find readers by the Victorian daily newspapers, and we end with a bumper edition of “Who Said It?” for you to play along at home.

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#174 - Never Give Up, Never Surrender

This week, on SomethingWonky: Border Farce medals! Warrantless metadata access for everyone! By Grabthar’s hammer, Bronwyn and Tones will NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER! Public Service to Bangalore! Save the Children banishment unjustifed! Happy Australia Day, first Australians who had better turn their shirts inside out if they visit Parliament House! The ABC gags Nick Ross from talking about the NBN! “Who Said it?” and a sad farewell to an old friend.

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#173 - Softcore History

Everything is awful.

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#172 - Bewitched

More Briggs, Dutton and general horror from our Federal Government.

Any audio quality issues this week are the fault of your hosts, not our gallant editor. Sorry.

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