#155 A Little Bit Of Hope (Feat. Guest Dave Ben Pobjie)

Guest Dave Ben Pobjie (from the Gather Around Me podcast and Comedy Festival shows and Various Newspapers) joins us to discuss

  • Border Farce
  • Piers vs Education
  • Joe and the Ratchet
  • IS IT ON (ScoMo edition)
  • Australia vs Humanity
  • War on Cranks

We leave the Latham stuff because come on don’t make us.

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#154 Vigilante Lawyers (feat. Guest Dave Erin Riley)

Feat. Guest Dave Erin Riley

Vigilante green groups; oppressed Lathams; should we be exposing Madison related Ashleys; merit; Stalking Sarah; Everybody Loves Kathy Jackson; How did Tony convince us that he’d reduce our energy bills; Australia vs Humanity; Warney Art.

Erin’s Links: and the Amateur Hour podcast -

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#153 It's Reigning Men (feat. Guest Dave Rebecca Shaw)

Feat. Guest Dave - Rebecca Shaw (aka Brocklesnitch)

  • Heydondoor
  • Why Not Let Lyle Shelton Vote On Your Relationship
  • War On Youf
  • Australia Vs Humanity Why Is It Still Happening

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#152 What Running Sheet? (feat Guest Dave Carol Duncan)

Guest Dave - Carol Duncan

This week - nobody gets what they’re expecting. Bronywn Bishop gets the boot days before Tony Burke’s obvious hypocrisy would have given her cover. Other politicians wonder if, against all the odds, they’ll actually have to come up with some real rules winding back this sort of thing. The government’s biggest funders get a disappointing Productivity Commission report with a silver lining, and the Australian Senate somehow, if only temporarily, stops the TPP. The environment gets a surprise victory, along with a laughable defeat. Journalists who’ve been blocked by Nauru from reporting on it are surprised when its President excoriates them in the Daily Telegraph for not visiting. And Andrew Bolt finds himself in a delicious but startling little fight with The Australian. Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

…And then, in the ultimate surprise, unexpectedly most of the above gets abandoned when we forget about the running sheet entirely.

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#151 Guest Daves Aplenty

Guest Dave: Keri. Additional Guest Dave: a surprise.

Bronwyn Bishop leads us into Corruption Corner, Adam Goodes takes us into Discrimination Dangerzone, and the ALP abandons us completely.

Also we send in the lawyers.

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