#119 - The First Efficiency Dividend is the Deepest

This week on Something Wonky, we go to Brisbane for the G20, take off our scarves like Jacqui Lambie, cast an eye over Victoria’s election, pour some sugar on Scott Morrison and of course we look at the cuts to the ABC, with a side serve of LOLBolt.

The Focus Group


Bad beforehand

A Worse Start

Continuing Embarrassment

No Joy

We are governed by idiots



Australia versus Humanity

Stop The Press


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#118 - Steaming Hunt

This week on Something Wonky the fallout from shirtfronting at APEC, China and the USA talk about carbon reduction, Australia is almost as horrible to women as it is to asylum seekers, and we look forward to the Lambie United Party.

The Focus Group


Climate Changing


Sold a PUP

Australia vs Humanity

Campaigns against halal are anti-Islamic bullying: race commissioner

Asylum-seeker conditions inhuman and unlawful, UN committee tells Australia

Asylum seekers’ healthcare ‘comparable to that in Australia’, government tells UN | Australia news

Immigration Slammed For Privacy Breach Which Saw Asylum Seeker Records Released

Asylum seekers could win millions in damages over data breach

Serco shares crash after latest profits warning | Business | The Guardian

Stop The Press

The Oz lends a sympathetic ear to Ray Hadley

Frances forgives apologetic hacker, Sharri doesn’t forgive Amanda Meade.

ABC funding cuts target 11 foreign news bureaux, with 20 jobs facing axe

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#117 - Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

This week on Something Wonky, Booing. More booing. Actually, it’s pretty much nothing but booing as we look at violence against women, carbon politics, Australia versus humanity and catch up with the IPA’s recent pronouncements on the ABC.

The Focus Group

Outrage as Prime Minister Tony Abbott jeered at Gough Whitlam memorial service at Sydney Town Hall

Cowards and bullies

Man fined for Muslim headscarf fire threat | Daily News | bmag

Culture of hostility to women leads to domestic violence, say police chiefs

We love carbon

Governed by idiots

Australia versus Humanity

Refugees attacked as tensions escalate on Nauru and Manus

Scott Morrison ‘using asylum seeker children as bargaining chips’

Immigration Minister denies claims asylum seekers were offered deal if witness statements on Reza Barati’s death withdrawn

Mandatory immigration detention is a billion-dollar business

Asylum policy rethink needed to escape ‘toxic’ debate, expert group says

Refugees’ plight in Australia: from compassion to ‘vicious and vindictive’

Stop The Press

Lachlan Murdoch hails ‘heroes’ of fearless journalism at News Awards | The Australian

The Australian lauds its own jornalism

ABC board criticises Abbott government in annual report

Deaf community concerned over proposed changes to television captioning requirements

The ABC debate: we have Mamamia and BuzzFeed, we don’t need the ABC anymore

Is this satire? - 2GB Caller of the year?

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#116 - Is Bill Shorten up to the GOB?

This week on Something Wonky, we all get a bit terrified, let Malcolm Turnbull read our browser history, and destroy the environment along with the renewable energy sector. Australia versus Humanity continues waging war on the vulnerable and we have a yarntastic edition of Stop The Press.

The Focus Group

Red tape ruins Joe Hockey’s pizza

Red tape pizzeria - why Joe Hockey is right

Terror Laws

Meanwhile, Tasmania to focus anti-protest laws on anti-forestry and mining activists

Very Meta Data

Higher Education

Goodbye Environment

Australia versus Humanity

Muslim woman suffers broken arm in racist attack

Labor may adopt policy of turning back asylum seeker boats to Indonesia

Scott Morrison ignored departmental advice on visas for boat arrivals

Scott Morrison denies ministerial power grab

Open letter: Living in the hell called Nauru

Young people Australia sent to Nauru being assaulted

Australia forcibly returns second Afghan Hazara, despite fears over safety

Stop The Press

Nova Peris: Child custody blackmail attempt behind email allegations in News Corp publications


New Matilda

The Australian

Sharri Markson

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#115 - Doff to Gough

This week on Something Wonky, Gough. And then all of the stuff that’s not as good as Gough, which is pretty much all of Australian politics. And one of our favourite segments returns as Erin Riley takes a turn at What’s Stuck in my Craw.

It's time.


The Focus Group

Governed by Idiots

Making Friends Overseas

Satire is Dead

Australia versus Humanity

What’s Stuck in my Craw

Erin Riley has opinions, and should be able to express them.

Barry Spurr

That Was Then, This Is Now

2012 - Opposition releases Nauru detention costings - $95M. Nauru Costings From Catering Company

2014 - Offshore detention centres: annual costs hit $1 billion

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