#151 Guest Daves Aplenty

Guest Dave: Keri. Additional Guest Dave: a surprise.

Bronwyn Bishop leads us into Corruption Corner, Adam Goodes takes us into Discrimination Dangerzone, and the ALP abandons us completely.

Also we send in the lawyers.

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#150 Big On Integers

Feat. Guest Dave: Dave Gaukroger.

In which Bronwyn flies hard, Joe dies hard, Malcolm tries hard and Bill is a bit of a git. Also looks like 150 episodes of Australia Vs Humanity* haven’t actually worked yet.

*Yes, we know it wasn’t actually in episode 1. Shh.

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#149 Not Legal Advice

Guest Dave, Andrew Tiedt, joins Guest Jeremy, Jeremy Sear, for a happy discussion about wonderful things including * Lawyerb’s Corner * Renewable Energy Murdered Tony’s Parents * ALP & Affiliated Unions Pride Moment * Money Well Spent * Australia Vs Humanity

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#148 Tony Abbott and the Puffin of Truth

Jeremy is joined again by Guest Dave Keri, and we discuss, among other things…

  • Tony’s advice for Greece
  • Tony’s programming advice for the ABC
  • Labor Left - HUH - what are they good for - HUH -
  • The Return of Sophie M and Tony W
  • Bill Shorten’s retort to Bob Hogg
  • Another awful trade deal; and
  • Richard Dennis explodes the myth of Coalition economic competence.

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#147 Evil Is Interesting

In which Jeremy and Keri discuss the new Border Force commissioner, Sophie Mirabella’s inspiring return, dumb excuses by LNP politicians to try to delay marriage equality, The NewsCorp QandA Whinge That Will Never End, silencing reporting of abuse in detention centres, and other things I can’t remember because we didn’t actually use a running sheet. I think Daniel has sensibly edited out the bit where the conversation turned to that terrible new dinosaur movie.

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