#110 - Operation "But this time it will be different baby."

This week on Something Wonky, we don our Auscam trousers, dust off our fridge magnets and see if we can declare sexism dead yet (Spoiler: No). Plus, coal, climate and cannabis.


  1. Please mention the war

  2. Terror is the new black

  3. Why we don’t need feminism any more

  4. By the way



The ABC is vital to Australian democracy

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#109 Precious Petals

This week on Something Wonky, goodbye mandatory detention, Dave tries to analyse our PM, good news from around the country, bad news for the Coalition, and Kevin Andrews plans for your sex life.


  1. High Court ruling could end indefinite detention for asylum seekers

  2. We thought they’d “stopped the boats”, so why has the Coalition entered a newly altered contract for significant expansions and upgrades at the Manus Island detention centre

  3. Bowen Fronts Final Stage of Inquiry Into Children In Detention - Chris Bowen defends detaining children at Manus Island centre - following Children In Detention Inquiry Turns On Labor; Bowen Called To Appear
  4. The Life Support System For Hamid Kehazaei Was Switched Off This Evening - What Killed Hamid Kehazaei
  5. The Queensland Coroner has decided that the death of Hamid Kehazaei, while detained at the behest of Mr Morrison, was no less than a death in custody
  6. ‘Woeful’ Conditions On Manus Will Likely See Death Toll Rise, Warns Doctor
  7. Manus Island whistleblower describes ‘filthy’ conditions inside detention centre
  8. Scott Morrison signals U-turn on offshore transfer for asylum seekers
  9. Vietnamese asylum seekers say dozens hurt in targeted attack at Christmas Island centre, Scott Morrison says claims ‘grossly inaccurate’
  10. Villawood asylum seekers in solitary for more than 24 hours at a time
  11. Refugees aren’t the only group being damaged by Australia’s ‘war on asylum’. Our community is being degraded as well


Can Tony Abbott tell the difference between a good idea and a bad one?

  1. A New Hope

  2. Actually, it was better than you said it would be


  4. Not Creepy At All

    // * World’s biggest military contractor, Lockheed Martin, moves into Civic in jobs boon for Canberra // * Julie Bishop knocks Malcolm Turnbull off popularity high in cabinet rankings // * Helen Dale is the new adviser to crossbench senator David Leyonhjelm

  5. Great Policy Corner

  6. Kevin Andrews wants you to have better sex


// 1. “The Weekend Australian leads coverage of Julieka Dhuís death” - has a teary whinge at Clem Ford for saying they’d barely covered it

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#108 - Accidentally Submitted

This week on Something Wonky, The Review Review makes a stunning return to the Focus Group and brings along another new segment “Bad Policy Corner”. Australia versus Humanity is short, but deadly. LOLBolt makes a comeback, while Sharri Markson vies for his title of most predictable stenographer in Australia.


  1. Good and Bad Marches

  2. The Review Review as Abbott govt’s asinine public “inquiries” and “reviews” into their predecessors continue

  3. Bad Policy Corner

  4. Political Correctness Gone Mad

  5. Silence the Whistleblowers

  6. Lucky escapes


  1. Asylum seeker declared ‘brain dead’ after leaving Manus Island. Contracted cellulitis, which developed into septicemia on Manus. The Refugee Action Coalition say the infection was contracted after Kehazaei cut his foot in the detention centre. Hamid Kehazaei: The Australian government must explain why he received inadequate care Manus detainees accuse IHMS
  2. Pussy Riot members liken Australian asylum detention to Russian justice


  1. The MEAA backs internet censorship, freaks out over the backlash, and withdraws support for censorship
  2. Major publishers support press council chairman against the Australian
  3. According to our sensitive A-G, there’s some kind of ABC/Fairfax war against catholicism. Jonathan Holmes challenges him to put up or shut up
  4. Special Bolt idiocy special:
  5. Sharri gets an exclusive with Chris Mitchell bashing twitter, then ppl on twitter are mean, so Miranda slams them by name in hilariously childish ways.
  6. SMH resorts to Comic Sans

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#107 - The Rage of Entitlement.

This week on Something Wonky, Travelling Tony’s life is a treat, finally we have a Cost Benefit Analysis for the not an NBN and Chris Pyne is still trying to ruin Higher Education.

Australia continues its fight against humanity, News Limited dominates Stop The Press and we have a surprising announcement for Man of the Year


Travelling Tony’s visit to Peter Mac helps him pay for a “private function”

Well what’s your plan to pay for Tony and Joe’s tax cuts for rich people?

They’re not “gaffes” - they’re unintended revelations of the government MPs’ personal privilege and lack of understanding of the rest of us

The government has released a “Cost Benefit Analysis” of their NBN plans, done by a hand picked panel, and amazingly it supports them.

Speaking of people who can’t internet, George Brandis’s secret data retention discussion paper has been leaked

Christopher Pyne is facing resistance to his plans to ruin the Tertiary Education sector


Victorian election

Things are looking rough for Dennis Napthine and the Liberal Party

Last drinks.


Morrison asked at inquiry why the time we’re holding asylum seekers in detention has increased threefold

“Why do you believe that stopping the boats and stopping the drownings can be achieved by detaining children in these ways,” Triggs asked. “Frankly Madam President, the results speak for themselves,” Morrison replied. Triggs appeared unsatisfied with the response. “How can you justify the indefinite detention of children in these conditions for more than a year when there is not evidence this is the policy that is stopping the boats?” she asked…


Morrison said he could not move them onshore as doing so would be fulfilling the promises made by people smugglers. “I understand they would like to come to the mainland and not be part of the offshore processing policy,” he said, but noted that “they paid people smugglers to get to Australia”

Scott Morrison’s treatment of Gillian Triggs is endemic of the government’s wider problem with women

Asylum seekers suing Scott Morrison over Christmas Island detention

What toll are we imposing on the people who enforce our brutal anti-refugee policies?

To rub salt into the wounds, Tony’s wife Margie has been named patron of KidsXpress, an organisation that “aims to provide childhood trauma victims with ways to cope with their feelings and experiences”


Press Council Chair Julian Disney is bullied into standing aside when News Ltd’s behaviour is under review

Former News CEO Kim Williams spills the beans on his old comrades.

Man of the Year…. Allegedly

Kevin Andrews is the Natural Family Man of the Year according to some whack jobs.

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#106 - Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word.

This week on Something Wonky, there’s no business like Joe Business, Tony can’t stop talking about unity, we still don’t have a budget, but we do have a list of stupid things that our federal government has been doing in the mean time. Is there a changing wind in Australia versus Humanity, or just a new stench blowing in from a different angle? And in Stop The Press we have a newspaper suing a competitor because they reported news.

There’s no business like Joe Business

Nobody will stand up for Joe. Abbott distances himself - “well, plainly, I wouldn’t say that”. Pyne refuses six times to support his colleague. Instead, they try some idiotic lies. Abbott tries the line “whatever people may think about the way Joe expressed himself in a particular radio interview, he has a plan to ensure that all Australians are better off in the long-term. It’s the only plan that is currently before the Australian people.” And Pyne comes out with “The simple fact is that this is the guy who has driven the abolition of the carbon tax, the cost of which fell heaviest on low-income households”, winning a special award for the least accurate use of the phrase “the simple fact is” in recent Australian political history.


Tony Abbott can’t stop talking about unity

We still don’t have a budget

This week in stupidity.



News Corp’s Clive Palmer obsession

News Corp chief defends cash-strapped Australian, saying it is much loved

News Corp sends in the lawyers as its CEO tells his staff there’s nothing to see here

Crikey owner Private Media and News Corp reach legal agreement

The Bolt report isn’t getting any saner

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