#188 - Budget Special - More than Meets the Eye

  • Budget Fever Ie Were They Running A Temperature When They Decided Before The Election Was A Good Time To Do A Kick-The-Poor, Give-Cash-To-The-Rich, Wreck-Education Budget?
  • Housing - Malcolm Tells You To “Shell Out” And Buy Your Kids A House
  • Australia Vs Humanity - Awful Things Happening To Refugees, Dutton Blames Everyone Else;
  • And We Say Farewell To Some Very Entitled People.

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#187 - Howard's End

This week, on Something Wonky - What about the landlord babbies? - Vote for Sophie or the hospital gets it. - Disastrous government explores the LNP running the joint into the ground. - In Australia vs Humanity the PNG “solution” is even less of a solution. - Clive Palmer and John Howard make their long-awaited comebacks to the SomethingWonky running sheet.

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#186 Skyney McSkynet

With Guest Dave Steve Molk



#185 The L Word

This week, on SomethingWonky

  • Victoria continues doing very nicely, while NSW seems to have some weird thing going on with its police;

  • Federal politicians aren’t interested in chasing after people hiding money in Panama, but they are ramping up the war on the poor;

  • in Australia vs Humanity we check in on the refugees we’re not imprisoning, just starving on the streets;

  • in Stop The Press progressive people are angry with the ABC, while the News Corp RWNJs tear each other apart; and

  • something very embarrassing has happened to Scott Morrison.

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#184 A Very Wonky Bedtime Story

This week, on SomethingWonky

-Do we have to record every couple of days so we can cover Malcolm’s revolutionary plans for the country before he abandons them?

-Meanwhile we are astonished to observe Victoria having a competent government that actually takes family violence seriously

-and Kelly O’Dwyer is off with the chooks

-Peter Dutton casts a magic spell over the nation’s most gullible media

-and Holt St declares war on history.

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