#160 Leave Tony Alone (Feat. Guest Dave Jo Wallace)

A slightly less focused than usual fairly chatty discussion about the first two weeks of PM Malcolm.

Including (but not limited to): 

- Pancetta Mandibles and Andrew Blot go bonkers
- Tony Won’t Snipe/Dignity In Defeat
- A Whole New Exactly The Same Economic Conversation 
- Australia vs Humanity And The UN


Real Dave progress update: has left Cambodia. Still in Thailand.

Dave Will Return In The Man With The Golden Microphone. 

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#159 - Like Hal Holbrook

Sadly there was very little to talk about this week.

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#158 We Did But See Him Passing By (Feat. Guest Dave Steve Molks)

Guest Dave Steve Molks joins Jeremy on Tuesday night for a quick* post-spill episode farewelling our beloved Tony, wherever he may be, and welcoming the smooth-talking Malcolm, as he promises to continue doing all the same things.

*In SomethingWonky terms

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#157 Operation No Running Sheet, No Exit Strategy (Feat. Guest Dave Jo Wallace)

Guest Dave: Jo Wallace

A bumper discussion on two giant topics:

Australia’s Two Greatest Years Ever; and Why The Hell Are We Like This To Refugees?

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#156 Dyson Considers The Fax (Feat. Guest Dave Classic)

Guest Dave Original Dave, aka Dave Classic (TM), has missed us all, and returns briefly to reminisce about that time when the government was so terrible each SomethingWonky episode had no choice but to laugh at its breathtaking villainy and surprisingly fortunate incompetence.

Ah yes, that time.

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