#200 Something Wonky Finale - Mission Accomplished

A slightly self-indulgent farewell, but with the best of intentions.

How much has changed in 200 episodes since June 2012? The answer may surprise you.

NOTE: Dave and Jeremy will both be announcing new projects via the SomethingWonky iTunes and, so if (despite this particular episode) you’d still like to hear more from us, right here is where you’ll hear about it first.

We love you all, and will miss you in the meantime.

(And, Daniel? We’re so very sorry.)

Episode 200 - "Final: Mission Accomplished"


#199 - Hitting Goals

Dave is back, so is parliament.

Download "Hitting Goals"


#198 Giving The Government Terrible Ideas

Featuring Guest Dave Wil Anderson.

And look, technically there was a running sheet, and we mentioned it at the beginning, but it’s not really an accurate description of the episode. It’s kind of a wonderful ramble through everything.

The original summary was actually the most generic lefty podcast list as follows:

  • Malcolm vs the poor!
  • War on women!
  • Plebiscite!
  • General whinging about LNP politicians!
  • Nauru!
  • The ABC!

But that’s not exactly what we talked about.

We may also have lost 10 minutes due to a technical issue, so there’s a sudden jump about two thirds of the way in.

Download Episode 197 "Giving The Government Terrible Ideas"


#197 This Podcast Never Ends Well, Does It

Something Wonky episode 197 for Friday 19 August 2016

Featuring Guest Dave: Tom Ballard

Tom’s Edinburgh show

Tom’s Soho show

Like I’m A Six Year Old, Tom’s podcast

This week:

  • The New Parliament
  • Crazies Unleashed
  • Evil Groot
  • Gold-medal global temperatures
  • Don’t Blame Us
  • Nauru Files
  • Bill Leak finally honoured by his employers
  • Subeditors and dick jokes
  • Q&A and The Project and their contribution

Download Episode 197 "This Podcast Never Ends Well, Does It"


#196 Censusless

Feat Guest Dave: original Dave!

This week:

  • CensusFail
  • Nauru Really You Can’t Doubt This Now
  • Leak and the Oz vs indigenous people

Download "Episode 196 - Censusless"