#166 - A Hashtag Solves Everything

Paris, Canberra, Christmas Island.

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#165 - Hang on, I've gone off on a tangent

Tax, Asylum Seekers, and distancing yourself from Tony.

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#164 Tony's Tired of Humanity

Featuring Guest Dave Jeremy Sear and Guest Jeremy Dave Gaukroger.

This week:

  • Nauru (and their Australian government sponsors) vs press scrutiny
  • Tony vs all refugees, not just the ones on boats
  • Chris Kenny impresses real estate agents with his listing for Nauru
  • Annabel Crabb’s Kitchen Cabinet gives Scott Morrison the kind of promotional advertising on the ABC money can’t buy (but a Treasurer could totally cut from the ABC)
  • Every day that passes, this government makes the housing problem worse for the next generation
  • Knitting lawyers are the best lawyers

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#163 Oh My God, They Sent Kenny!

Episode 163, recorded Wednesday, October 21, 2015. Featuring Dave Guest and Jeremy Feat.

  • Australia continuing to brutalise refugee rape victim in ever more obscene ways! Brutal cruelty developing into cartoonish super villainy but not the amusing kind.
  • Say Sorry To Chris Kenny
  • Also Remember When Australia Actually Had A Safety Net?
  • Richgate!
  • Tablegate!
  • That gate Marty jumped over in 1985!
  • Farewell to Joe, who only wanted to contribute to Australia (by making poor people starve for 6 months of every year)

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#162 Keeping The Dream Alive